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Kiln Moonshine Tours

PO Box 6184

Diamondhead, MS  39525

Al Saucier


Kiln Moonshine tours are TRUE LIFE  Family LEGEND Secrets which TRAVEL deep into the HEART of Wilderness Moonshine Farm Family Life. KILN TRUE LIFE covers 300 years of Wilderness Moonshine Farm Family LEGENDS of Moonshine MAKIN;, Whiskey RUNNIN; MYSTERIES, and WILD ADVENTURES!! PRIVATE-CUSTOM TOURS…A uniquely designed Moonshine EXPERIENCE for your group of NON-drinkers and Drinkers! SEE a REAL STILL MAKIN Whiskey today! How did KILN Moonshiners MAKE over ONE MILLION gallons of RYE Whiskey to SHIP across the United States and EUROPE?? The KILN MOONSHINE TOURS are based on the 10 book Moonshine series by local Kiln author Al Saucier. This is a rare, unique, one of a kind tour on the Gulf Coast.  Follow the FUN with GOOD Food and Drinks.